Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wall of Strawberries filling in!

The wall of strawberries are filling in nicely. They are loaded with berries. I ate 3 today! A testament that the squirrels have no more access. I knew that when I put up this wall that the squirrels would love to help me eat these prized strawberries. They have their own patch in the garden, as a decoy. I small patch, maybe 4'x4'.
Since I feed the squirrels there were lots of babies this year. They climbed all over the wall. They actually ate the leaves. Little buggers. What we did was put up bird netting. It's long enough to drape over the beam above the strawberries. It hangs down on each side. I took cotton string and a baby diaper pin and literally sewed the opening shut at either end. They can get through the smallest openings so I made small stitches. On the back I took the same string and stitched it shut between the wire frame and netting. Under the baskets I took the netting and gently wrapped a bit of it around a 1"x2" and tucked it under the bottom row of baskets.It's long enough they can't get it out to get under. So far so good. I was delighted to eat 3 berries this morning! So here is what it looks like. These don't get full sun. If they did they would be much bigger!
We love to sit out here and share a meal. We can pick strawberries from our chair for dessert!
The fire pit is ready for a calm night.

The beginning of our ample supply of strawberries! I love strawberries so I have to be excited!!

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