Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Country Cupboard

This rustic, shabby chic cupboard was made with recycled wood. The door is an antique window with the original handle. The window came from a house in WY and is 70 yrs old. The back is tongue and groove bead board. This is a very rustic cupboard. I only lightly sanded the old wood. You can see the saw marks; I think it gives it an old fashioned, functional feeling. I painted it with white paint and lightly distressed it.

This sturdy shelf has been put together with screws. The wood has the imperfections from previous use and adds that character to the piece.
You can hang it on the wall or set on a shelf.

I can add a shelf or two at your request for no extra charge.

It measures
29” tall
23” wide
9 ¾ “ deep

Mini Greenhouse/ Glass House Art Piece

This is a unique Mini Greenhouse with a cute peaked roof! I made this entire greenhouse from old windows that are nearly 70 yrs old! They came from a house in Wyoming, which was built in 1942, and these are the original windows!

This fun, art piece has antique tongue and groove floor, which has been screwed to a heavy frame with a redwood strip between the windows and frame, with weep holes at the back. The windows are screwed together and have a redwood strip at the top edge. One window serves as a door, which swings freely after unlatching the antique window latch that serves as a lock, (it's a latch that I removed from these same windows). I painted it with an outdoor paint, in white.
The handle is an easy to grab, old fashioned style that I couldn't resist. It reminds me of some of my Grandma's furniture.

Can you imagine this on your covered porch with some delicate plants peeking at you through that old glass? Maybe orchids? Some vegetable starts? A show off plant? This is the perfect addition to your sun room, or out in the garden or by the pool. This would draw attention as a display in a store or at a bed and breakfast. It would look beautiful anywhere and really makes a statement.

6'8" tall
27" wide
31" deep

This is one of my favorite projects! I bought 42 old windows from a guy off of craigslist.  I've been busy dreaming up projects to use them up.
You can see it on my etsy page in more detail;   http://www.etsy.com/shop/JodysReCreations

Birdhouses (we're not counting anymore)

Last fall I went crazy and tried to do up too many apples (peeler, corer, slicer, little circles, you get the drift, lots of little circles). I got tendonitis in my right arm so it was time to rest, then start back with small projects. I did 6 birdhouses. All made from recycled wood.  I only like 3 of them so that's all you get to see. When I fix the other 3 you can see them.

4th, 5th and 6th The Shoe Bench Experiment

We needed a place to put our shoes so I made a shoe bench. Several redesigns later we have a sell-able product. I've sold 2 of these. It fits behind our front door, we love ours! You can see full descriptions on my etsy page.

Third Project

My sweet sister gave me some wood when they moved. I took some pickets and made a bench. This sold also. I'm enjoying adding some iron details to the benches.

My Second Project

My second project was a garden bench. I made it from another twin size headboard. This sold through etsy.

My First Project

My first project was a Potting Bench. I started with a twin size headboard and foot board. Added some free shelving, some sides and wood from an old ladder for the top.Some lattice for the back. I think the whole thing cost about $ 15.  I plan to add some doors to it. It's not perfect but it works for me!

Hi People!

I've recently started a business making furniture and home, garden deco from recycled products. I did the craigslist search until I had enough free wood to get started. I had minimal woodworking skills when I started. I had a few tools, and have added some here and there.  I've read books, looked at endless how to videos and by trial and error, I've put a few projects together.
  I have an etsy site but only sell a portion of my projects. A good number of them are for us, out of a need. So I needed a place to share the home projects that keep me busy.
  I'm so happy it's spring!!