Friday, March 22, 2013

Mini Greenhouse For Practical Use

This was written 3 yrs ago. The update is above.

I needed a place to start vege's so I collected free windows from craigslist. It had a wooden roof at first till I got  more windows. Now it has windows for a roof. I put heavy plastic on either end at the peak to hold in heat. I built a frame inside to hold trays of plants. One window serves as a door.  It's on wheels that can be locked. I roll it around the patio to follow the sun. We're renting here so I wanted to make something we could take with us. Still needs to be painted, Instead of the plastic I'll put bead board with a vent. For now it's very functional. My vege's are doing well in there, it's almost time to plant!

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  1. The best feature is that it's on wheels and I can move it around to follow the sun.