Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's the Little Things I Enjoy in the Garden

   Every morning Polly (one of our cats) waits for me to water the garden. She sits by the back door and gets excited if I make a move toward the outside world. When I do go out she escorts me meowing all the way, telling me how she's been waiting for me and that she's very thirsty.
That tail is almost in the water! Polly was watching a big night crawler going round and round  with the water flow.(09 photo)

 You see, Miss Polly loves to have a long drink from the hose every morning. With the bubbler on the hose, I set it in a bed, usually the squash. The water runs around the “c” shape and fills up the trough, all the while Polly and Zelda drinking deeply. They love this time in the garden with me, and I love it too and value it greatly. If they are sleeping when I plan to go out, I wake them up. They are happy to sleepily hang around mom and indulge her with their company. (Waking up Polly keeps her from waking us a 4am to go out! We're working on her schedule.)

  Polly and I started this ritual with her first summer. She was curious as to what I was doing out there, and likes to hang with me anytime I’m out there now. The girls get really happy if both Bob and I are out there together.Sometimes Polly isn't around when I'm out there, Zelly loves that!
Zelly in the tree.

  I saw something today I couldn’t believe. I had the sprinkler on in the back yard. The 2 cats were on the fence trying to stay away from the water. (There are 2 dogs next door but they weren’t out.) Zelly was leaning way over, looking over the fence. Polly reached out and tapped her butt and scooted her right off the fence! She made her fall! I couldn’t believe it! What a brat! So Polly has some issues with Zelly. I think she just tolerates her most of the time.

  Polly didn’t want to share her outside time when we brought Zelda home. She regularly kicks Zelly's butt. I spray her with the hose or scold her if she gets too mean. We’re working on that. I play with both of them
out there. Polly’s getting better, it takes time.

The cats like to chase the squirrels but they never hurt them.
  Both cats are special in their own way. I enjoy sharing my outside time with them, and the rest of the critters too. We have an abundance of baby squirrels this year. They are sooo cute!!! They aren’t afraid of me. I was talking to one this morning. I was very close to him, 3 ft; he just sat there looking at me listening intently to all my compliments.

  I love spring! The air is sweet, a nice breeze, a beautiful Colorado blue sky (a deep blue that you’ll just have to experience), the garden is being watered, I’m stretching in the sun, I have projects ahead that make me happy to work on. Life is good.

  This is my church. This is how I pray.

Have a good day everyone!

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