Monday, April 29, 2013

New Peas Trellis

  I made a new trellis for the peas. I used a longer raised bed for them this year. After growing them last year, we decided we need more peas! This is our new trellis made with bamboo and plant nets and zip ties.

 This is a 14 ft raised bed. I bought a package of 25, 6 ft bamboo posts. It took 17 to complete this. I also bought 2 plant nets that are 5 ft x 15 ft. It was a foot too long so I just twisted it along the end posts. I didn't like buying matierials for a trellis, since I've been making them out of apple branches for years. 
  Unfortunately my supply of branches has 
diminished and I don't have enough for this

 To build it I first pushed the bamboo poles into the ground about 6" at he right angle for the two pieces on the end to cross in the middle at the top. After securing the frame I attached the net on each side. I zipped both sides of the net at the same time to save zip ties,(at the top). The net loops around the bamboo at the top to hold it while I secured it. I did this mostly by myself so it can be done with one person.
It took a lot of zip ties.

There are 3 poles across the top and 3 on each side. They overlap so I secured them with zip ties.

The plants are doing nicely in the little greenhouse. I was able to bring them out to the greenhouse for a few days to get some sun. It's supposed to get cold again tonight, with snow tomorrow, so I'll probably bring them in. I've left a lamp in the bottom of the greenhouse at night to provide some heat. They would probably be okay left in there but I don't want to take any chances. Sometimes it gets colder than they predict.  I've worked too hard to have them frozen now.

   Last year I grew catnip and started it in the greenhouse. Zelda  our younger kitty would climb up in the greenhouse and eat it as fast as it came up. I haven't gotten any planted for them this year yet, shame on me. She keeps checking the greenhouse every day and almost ate spinach yesterday, which I wouldn't mind. As long as she's healthy. I'm getting seeds today for the kitties!!

I started some flowers that are also coming up! I'm really excited about that. Lots of herbs as well, I'm looking forward to some pesto!
This story can also be viewed at this great website! My story is # 166

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