Friday, June 17, 2011

The Hail Protection Worked

  It worked! Yeah!! A much happier story. It started to hail last night. It was raining and I was waiting for the first thump on the skylight. As soon as I heard it I grabbed my denim shirt and ran outside. Just then, Bob alerted me that it was hailing.( He was in his office on a call to Singapore)."I'm already on it", I told him, with scissors in hand. I cut the strings on the tarp and unrolled it. Bob joined me to help, luckily his call had just about ended. I ran to the garage to grab covers for the rest of the garden. I got it all covered!
 I uncovered it all this morning. I have shower curtains hanging all over. I had to hose off the mud, now they're hanging up to dry. I save old shower curtains for this use as well as craft tablecloths, painting cloths.( I get them at the dollar store for a dollar.

  It didn't hail much but we never know that going in. The Live Hail Map can help if you have worries. I pulled it up as soon as I got a text from a close friend that alerted me that we had a hail warning till 8pm. Thanks Melodee! 

As you can see the onions held up the tarp, I didn't have to stake it. They're leaning a little to the right today.

Polly is checking out her new tent.

We did put this up for Polly and Zelda, right?

Live Hail Map

Live Hail Map

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