Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Wood Storage Racks

  Last week my neighbor showed me how my pile of wood was pushing the fence over. I got right to work moving all the wood. I fixed the fence. Then I made a rack for the wood, (an over due project). After putting most of the wood on the rack I saw that I needed another shorter rack for smaller pieces, so I made another one. Now I can see what I have and can get to it to use it! Yeah!
I used my recycled wood to make both racks. They are both 24" wide.
One is 6' tall and the other one is 4' tall.
  There's a lot of weight on it and it's doing fine. Notice the planks on the bottom. I traded a piece of old exercise equipment for it. Craigslist is your best friend people! The barter section is fun to look through. I didn't pay a thing for any of this wood. Granted, I did have to go pick it up, but in some cases it was brought to me. Be creative and you can find what you need for free!

Hmm, what to make next....................

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