Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring is Almost Here!

Stella asking "where peas"?
How time flies. After my last post in August there was a flurry of canning and freezing that went on for several months. We were left with a wonderful surplus of food that helped supplement us and will continue to for quite some time. We have more than enough tomato sauce to last till well past harvest this year. Actually were still eating sauce from last year., getting into the last harvest only for whole tomatoes. That helped me decide to do more whole tomatoes this year. Peeling and popping them in a jar is much easier than the food mill. By the end of harvest my arms and chest are all beefed up, every year. Maybe I can give myself a bit of a break this yr.
  What I've been working on lately is the rotation of the garden. I know it's important so I've been doing a lot of reading about it. That planning has only begun. I grow a new vegetable every year to keep things fun and interesting. This year I'll plant some celery and see how that goes. I'll do the tee pee again as that was so much fun. We all enjoyed it including the cats. I'm itching to build a greenhouse. I've collected old windows and have been waiting. We plan to live here another 2 years so I hesitate to build it here. I still get a good jump with the rolling greenhouse. I got a 6 week head start last year. It's perfect for someone renting.

The vanilla turned out great! It was a big hit with friends and family. I'm selling it on in a couple different size bottles. If you'd like to catch up the posts for the vanilla, here are the links;

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I made other stuff for Christmas too. I made hard lotion and am selling that on as well!

Stella's favorite video is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star so I made a pillow with a music button in his hand.

Also made her some hair clips and headbands. These buttons were so fun and colorful, I just had to do something with them!

Also made blankets for the 2 grand kids.
Here's one of them. I didn't get pics of the others.
Those are a few of the projects I've done. In the near future I'll be playing with soap making and making shampoo.I have a t-shirt throw to do and also a king size t-shirt quilt to do before I have to plant the garden.
I'd better get moving!

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