Friday, June 29, 2012

The Plants are Loving the Heat

It's been a week and a half since my last blog. The garden has grown so much I had to write again! We've been having a heat wave for the past 2 weeks. Look how big the squash grew and full of blossoms!

We should have lots of squash. All the grey zucchini died. I planted regular zucchini in it's place. They are up for a couple days then something eats them down to the ground. I've replanted 3 times. I hope this last bunch will make it.

I've set plastic containers over the seedlings.(You can see them on the end.) If it's a bunny, that will deter it I hope. Cut worms usually leave a leaf or something behind. We'll see what happens.

 The Roma tomatoes are doing well! I staked them today.
We have lots of blossoms and even a baby tomato. We'll have lots of sauce this year! The 3 plants down the middle are beefsteaks that I bought. The rest were grown in my little greenhouse.
 As a last step in the staking process, I tied them with cotton string to their stake. Then I topped each one in order to keep the plants shorter and bushier than previous years.

Here are the sweet potatoes. They grew so fast this past week I had to add soil 3 times and now we're up to the top. Now to just let it grow. To get this plant I planted a sweet potato from my pantry that was sprouting. I cut it in half and planted the 2  pieces in 2 containers. This one has done the best. the second hasn't done much, but after checking it has healthy roots. It probably needs more sun.

Here are the tomatillas. I staked them as well. They've gotten very tall and I noticed today that many are in bloom.

Roma's at this end and cherry tomatoes at the other. These will get staked tomorrow. Look how they've grown!

That's all for now. I'm sure enjoying watching it all grow.

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