Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Everything is Growing!

The peas have grown from this...

To this! We've gotten several meals from them.     
We are especially enjoying the snap peas in stir fry.

Stella, our grand-daughter, loves to eat peas from the garden.

She picks out each pea and eats it up.

 The garden is shaping up. Many, many 5 gallon buckets of weeds later we have a yard. Still lots of weeds, but I'm after them every day.

 You can see the green bean teepee in the corner. The green beans are about 8" tall now. It'll be great when it's all covered.

I made this one out of 1x2x10  cedar lumber.
 I used 8 of them. I dug a trench around the base and planted green beans and cucumbers.

The grass is filling in all over the yard. We put wood chips around the bushes and trees as well as the garden paths. The wood chips we got free through craigslist.

Grass is filling in here too.

Tomatillos are in this bed. Half are green, the other half is purple.

Here's the bed of squash. Half are yellow, summer squash. The other half are zucchini.

This bed has Roma's and cherry tomatoes.

This bed is all Roma's with the exception of the 3 down the middle. They are 3 different kinds of beefsteaks I planted over 50 tomato plants this year.

The roses I planted are blooming. Looks like it's time to dead- head again.

The Astilbe is loving being in the ground. The mulch is twigs broken into 4-6" pieces. I like the texture is lends.

Sweet potato growing in this pot. Time to add more soil.

Another month we'll be eating more from the garden. It's a magical time.

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