Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Canned Peaches

Don't they look pretty in the sun?
I canned a lug of peaches and got 18 pints.(I gave
 one away.) A lug is 22 lbs of fruit, in a box.

These peaches are from the north slope area in Colorado.   
Some weren't ripe so they will be eaten
and frozen for smoothies.

 Peaches before they got canned. The green bowl is water with lemon juice in it. I didn't have any Fruit Fresh and I've found lemon juice
works just as well as a substitute.

Here is my new pressure cooker. It worked well canning the peaches. I read and reread the directions before using it.

We're looking forward  to yummy fresh tasting peaches till this time next year.

Happy Canning Everyone!

If any of you are preserving food, send me a photo and I'll post it!

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