Monday, May 9, 2011

Super Strong Support for Tomatoes and Squash

Let me first explain that I make things from apple branches. I've made benches and trellis pieces. Crazy woman that I am, I brought apple branches from CA when I moved here 5 yrs ago. I had already groomed them,(lots of work) so I took them with. Finally I have a project where I'll be able to use most of them. The wire tomato cages didn't work in a certain part of our garden. The wind would whip in there and knock over my 6 ft vines ( stacked 2 cages and tied them together)! They survived and gave us lots of Roma's, but I'm tired of picking them up. So I go out on Mothers day to plant my vegetables and realize I hadn't made the wonderful branch trellises. I worked most of yesterday and today and you'll see the results. I made 3 panels so far, just have to finish the 3rd and do a 4th.
The plan is one more panel on the other side. Tie them together and hopefully it'll be strong enough.
First I chose 5 branches. I dug a hole for each, guessing at distance between. After inserting each branch in the hole, approx  8" deep,  I filled the holes with dirt and pushed it  in around the branch to secure it. After standing back and checking I had to move or twist a few but it was easy to re-stomp the dirt.

My hubby, Bob, got a picture of me about half way done with the rungs. I took wire and secured the smaller branch at every intersection. I made the rungs about 4" apart. Big enough openings to pick fruit, and enough of them so that the plants will have plenty of support.

First panel done. I'm making them in panels so when we move we can take them with us. Also so that they'll be easy to handle and store.

Like magic, 2 panels done! I love the funky nature of them.
Third panel has the frame in the ground.
Third almost half done. I like to leave a couple long branches. It gives it character and gives the birds a place to land.

Tomorrow I'll finish this panel and make the one on the other side. Then the plan is to make some shorter walls to separate the plants and for support. Then I can finally plant my lovely plants!

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