Monday, April 29, 2013

Making the Best Chicken Broth

I made a big batch of broth and wanted to show you what it looks like after cooking for 3 days.

In this picture I have removed the bones and any big parts by scooping them out with a large slotted spoon. I let it boil for a couple hours more to reduce the liquid and concentrate the chicken broth.
The original post about making this wonderful broth is the post before this one titled,  Had to Bring the Plants Inside

I then strained the broth.

 This is an 8 qt pot and it's nearly full. Notice the nice dark color.  I've had other batches turn out darker because I used more bones. The more bones you use, the darker the broth.
These containers hold 3 cups each. So as you can see I got 27 cups of broth. I've already used the cubes to make soup for Stella, my grand daughter.
I also used one of the containers for some quick soup for Bob and I. I use these weekly. We love it for gravy. It makes the most flavorful gravy!!
The cubes are handy for doing a saute on a couple chicken breasts. It adds a great deal of flavor. Have you noticed the new flavor cubes that they are selling in the market? You can make your own!
Start saving those bones!

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