Saturday, March 3, 2012

We've Moved!

  We have moved! About an hour from where we were. It's been very busy as you can imagine.

  It all started with a flood in the basement. Bob's office and my craft/ sewing room were the victims. Bob was actually on a plane coming home from a business trip when it happened. I had to stop the cleanup part way through to go pick him up. He came home to a big mess. I had saved most everything important. Our days ahead were packing those two rooms, taking out the wet carpet, renting a dehumidifier machine to help dry out the basement.
It was a lot of work. This all happened a few weeks before Christmas. So after getting it under control we focused on Christmas with our family. At some point I thought maybe this is a sign to move. We had talked about moving this spring or summer. We looked at available housing. There was more available than last summer when we couldn't find anything decent for the right price. We found a house that has worked out. It's bigger than the last one so we're enjoying spreading out a bit. Stella, (our grand-daughter), is happy with her own bedroom. Grandma has had fun decorating. Not done yet! Needs some pink paint next. So much to do. This blog has suffered I'm afraid. We had the pleasure of taking care of Stella and her mom right after we moved in, as Kym had surgery on her hand. Stella is 9 mos now and very busy crawling everywhere. We also watched Stella last week while Kym and her boyfriend went on vacation. We're having such fun with all the baby time.

  The yard here needs lots of help. The landlord has consented to me making some raised beds for the garden. It's already March so I'll have to get that going soon. The long list of things to do keeps growing.
I left my huge compost pile behind. I took some of it but without a pickup it's hard. We're going back tomorrow to get my apple branches and as much compost as we can carry in trash bag lined boxes.
I worked hard for all that compost. I can at least get the finished compost and leave the rest for the next tenant, if they want it.  

  We also seem to have a rabbit that lives in the backyard. So measures will be taken in the garden. I plan on building a greenhouse from old windows I've collected. Many projects will get documented and shared on here. Sounds like fun to me. More to come...

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