Monday, October 10, 2011

Canning Season is Almost Over

   I thought I'd share what I’ve been keeping so busy doing the past couple of months. I've been canning! For the 2 of us I don't need hoards of food, however it does give me great pleasure to see all these canned goods. We know they're organic and safe to eat.
   I made and canned pasta sauce, tomato sauce and chili. Also canned green beans, peaches, chicken soup and chicken stock. I've also been doing lots of freezing. Strawberries, peaches, pineapple, cherries, grapes, bell peppers, broccoli and anything else that's on sale at a good price.

   This past weekend I canned 9 quarts of chicken soup and 10 pints, and a couple pints of broth. It took 3 batches in the pressure canner. Bob got in on the fun and helped chop vege's. We always have fun cooking together. It will be nice to pull out a jar and heat it up after shoveling snow or anytime for that matter.

I got this cabinet from a friend for free. I put it in the craft room and have filled it with canned goods as well as cereal and a few other foods.

  We should have enough chicken soup to last through the cold and flu season. This batch is mild compared to the the "Get Well Soup" that I make for sickie's. It has a lot of onion and garlic as well as herbs to help them get well.

   We ate a jar of peaches last night with our dinner. It was such a sweet treat. After all that canning it felt well deserved. We can eat 1 can every 3 weeks and they'll last till next peach season.  The tomato products should last most of the coming year. My goal was much more for tomatoes but I didn't get the volume I was hoping for. One drawback of crowding plants, it lowers production.
   We got enough to keep me very busy so I'm happy. I did a batch of tomatoes a week until the last 3 weeks when I had to do 2 per week.

   More updates on the garden to come.

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