Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Garden is Growing!

It's a jungle out there! I'll have trouble getting through the rows of tomatoes soon. I'm not complaining. I knew it would be this way when I planted all those tomatoes. It's ok. I over crowd all my veggies. I still get lots of produce and I don't have as much weeding to do. I have two small plots out there so I make the most of the space I have by going vertical along the fence. The tomatoes will be tied to the wire fencing when they've grown too tall for the cages they are in, which will be next week at this rate. I used more apple branches to stake all the tomatoes down the middle. They are loaded with blooms and fruit.


The green beans have reached the top of the fence.
The onions are still blooming and buzzing with bees.


The squash are creeping over the eggplant. I'll have to tie them up again. I'm trying to train them to go up the trellis. I tied them to the trellis last week. They resisted. I've tried this in past years with no luck, but I'm determined to try again.

 The wall of strawberries has really filled in.
It's a nice privacy screen and such fun to see all those berries hanging there for us to admire while we sit outside.

  Here is trellis type support I made for a planter. I have tomato and sunflowers in it. Sunflowers will keep other plants around it reaching their potential, but I have so many tomato plants this  year, I don't mind if this one is stunted a bit. It's nice to step out onto to patio and pick tomatoes.

This type of trellis is really easy to make. Pick desired      branches and poke them into the pot with even spacing. Gather at the top and fasten with wire. This one also has wire running around it spiraling to the top. It helps support the branches. 
Happy gardening!

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